We take trespassing seriously here. This is a private residence. We live here, just like YOU live at your property.  We have security cameras on the property that send us images directly to our phones when they detect motion.There are over 100 No Trespassing signs here.  All of our entrances are gated with no trespassing warnings on every gate. The local police department is called when trespassers are detected. We have had people destroying our gates, hunting, cutting fences, destroying lights, destroying signage, destroying camera systems, dumping trash and bothering our animals. We are sick of it.

What would YOU do if you found some weirdo creeping around in YOUR backyard? Think about it.

The police have been notified multiple times. We are here 24/7 and will catch you here.

These images are here for police and prosecution purposes.


Ignoring gates, no trespassing signage and warnings.


called the cops, caught

found this guy hiding behind a rock. called the cops when he started arguing with me.

sunday dec 3 2017

same person as above. .

trespassers 12.9.17 2




"My beautiful picture"

"My beautiful picture"


"My beautiful picture"

"My beautiful picture"

"My beautiful picture"

"My beautiful picture"