Skytoucher Farm

What’s for sale now?

call: 205 249 2914 Chelsea Alabama 

Two pygmy goats $200 for both. White nanny and her billy (brown and black). Sold as pair.






We have New Zealand White rabbits. Bucks and does of breeding age are $60 each. Weaned kits (bunnies) are $30 each. Random meat rabbits are $30.  If you would like a bred female we can sell you one for $70. If you show up on a motorcycle you get a discount. Remember to bring a box.

These rabbits are treated very well. They are grain fed and receive fresh vegetables from our garden.



Fresh Eggs from Dominique & red hens. Waay better than store bought mass production eggs. Perfect for those deer sausage biscuits. $12/ dozen.




Local Honey

Coming soon… working on it.