Skytoucher Farm

What’s for sale now?

call: 205 249 2914 Chelsea Alabama 

Two pygmy goats $200 for both. White nanny and her billy (brown and black). Sold as pair.







We have New Zealand White rabbits.

-Bucks and does of breeding age are $60 each.

-Bred female rabbit $70.

-Weaned kits (bunnies) are $40 each.

-Live meat rabbits are $30.

-Cleaned whole rabbit $40.

These rabbits are treated very well. They are grain fed and receive fresh vegetables from our garden.





Fresh Eggs from Dominique & red hens. Waay better than store bought mass production eggs. Perfect for those deer sausage biscuits. $12/ dozen.





Fresh, Wild Forest Chanterelle Mushrooms:

Our Chanterelle Mushrooms are sold fresh from the forest. These are NOT dried out packaged mushrooms. These are moist and amazing. They are available for local pick up or delivery only. You will need to call us at 205-249-2914 and be put on a call list. We will then call you when the Chanterelles are available. Why? Well, because we only sell them fresh. Mushrooms grow in random locations and only during certain weather conditions. They must be picked in an opportunistic fashion and thus sold in the same way.

price- $50 / pound



Muscadine Jam

Made from fresh picked wild muscadines.  $15 / jar



Local Honey

Coming soon… working on it.