Skytoucher Enduro and Trials Summertime info

Hi people.

There are 3 guided session rides here every weekday morning, afternoon and evening during the Summer. Morning session starts at 06:45 lasts for two hours. Afternoon session starts at 13:00 (1hr) the evening session starts at 18:00 (1hr). Cost per rider is $30. Call ahead, each session has a 4 rider max.

Saturday/Sunday mornings are enduro race day here. $100 Cash pay out to winner only. Race entry is $40 . Minimum of 5 participants to hold the race.

I’ll be putting a few dual sport rides on in the coming months. I started a meetup group where you can see whats going on and RSVP here:

Skytoucher Enduro and Trials

We just added 40 more acres to our facility. Fences are going up next week. We will be at 60 miles of trail by this winter.

Odd thing:  I’ve started this experimental motorcycle workshop/ group/ dual sport / beer/ hangout thing. Its based out of the workshop here at Skytoucher. You can join up here The Doom you dont need a facebook to join.

This was the one e-mail I send out per year so… until next year

Ride every day. Destroy as many tires as possible. 2 strokes forever.